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Dress Code

Participants will be expected to abide by the following dress code for all portions of the program including Regional Training Session, Leadership Workshop, and Augusta Session except for Saturday evening Recreation and Dance.


Participants not abiding by dress code will not be allowed to take seats in House, Senate or Committee Sessions. Lobbyists and Newspaper Staff will not be allowed into Committee Rooms and Chambers. Advisors are asked to review with delegations to ensure they understand the Dress Code


As young men and young women, you are responsible for following a standard for a dress during the weekend program.  These standards are those followed by the Maine legislature; this dress code will be enforced.


If looking for a better example watch this short video from the Minnesota Youth in Government Program.




Members of the House and Senate must wear a Coat and Tie, or Business & Professional attire, suits, sports coat or blazer with slacks, dressy sweater all work with a dress shirt (collared) and tie.  Shirts are to be tucked in at all times.



Business & Professional attire, including business suits, dresses, skirts and sweaters or blouses, and coordinated slacks/top combination. Women wear pants must wear a jacket, if wearing a skirt or dress no need for a jacket.




“What would you wear this to testify before a

committee of the Legislature?




Tops must be the size for appropriate fit, covering midriff (able to be tucked in)

Cover shoulders (no spaghetti straps, tube tops, or muscle type shirts)




Sheer (see-through) materials

Visible undergarments including camisoles          

Low neckline (cleavage)

Mini skirts—shorter than mid-thigh                     

Shorts, or skorts

Sunglasses in the State House                              

Denim clothing

Baseball caps or any hat in the State House       



Use of Electronic Devices:

Cell Phones—May not be used on the floor of House or Senate


Ipod or Headphone Type radios---may not be used in the State House


Lap Top Computers—May be used for research or legislative type work.  The State House has wireless available.  Participants may use them during the weekend.  Participants bring laptops, or tablets at their own risk.


The YMCA Youth in Government

program is not responsible for accidents

or theft during the program.