Job Descriptions

Advisors Checklist

This provides you some steps to make sure your delegation is ready to have a success and great experience participating in the Maine YMCA Youth in Government Program.

  •  Recruit students to participate
  • Have a meeting with participants

  • Hold a meeting on bill writing
  • Hold a meeting to decide what offices delegates will run for

  • Hold a meeting to finalize bills

  • Have bills submitted online

  • Have all participants register online

  • At a meeting review the Code of Conduct, and Dress Code prior to attending Training Session

  • Collect fees

  • Host the online Caucus Session at your school or YMCA
  • Contact the State Youth in Government Office about what role you would like to fill for the Augusta weekend (See Advisor Roles)

  • Hold a meeting to review plans for Augusta Session

  • Hold a meeting prior to going to Augusta to review Code of Conduct, and Dress Code

  • Mail Augusta Registrations Fees prior to deadline

  • Make sure leadership participants have transportation to the Thursday evening session

  • Plan trip to Augusta

  • Set up hotel room assignments for your delegations "Delegation Room Assignments"

  • Chaperone your delegation at the Hotel.

  • Play some Advisor roll during the weekend

  • Attend Advisors meeting on Sunday morning

  • After Augusta weekend, give input to Program Director

  • Think about the next year, and how it can be easier and better for your delegation

  • Find a school or YMCA near you to help get a delegation started in.