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Caucus Sessions

Session A-- Tuesday November 18th 


Session B--Monday November 24th 


The Caucus Sessions are held to:

  • Elect 1/2 of the Officers that will serve during the Augusta Sessions
  • Have a discussion of program plans for Augusta
  • Have a question and answer time
  • Have an open forum on Bill Topic Ideas



  • Caucus sessions will be on ZOOM, you will be emailed instructions about using ZOOM.
  • Contact Youth in Government Office about which sessions they will attend
  • Log in at 5:30 pm on the night of Caucus Sessions



  • May attend all sessions or any 1 of the sessions
  • Must be present to run for office


Voting for Leadership at Caucus Session

  • Delegations will text a list of names participating in Caucus Session to Youth Governor as the check-in.  
  • For each leadership position, the following formula will be used to determine the number of votes that delegations will be able to cast.
  • 1 person and 1 vote for elections