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Advisor Responsibilities

A YMCA Youth and Government Advisor's job includes recruiting, training, and supervising high school youth to form a delegation including:


  • Act as liaison with the State YMCA of Maine Youth in Government Program Director and staff, and conveys problems, questions and/or concerns as may be necessary
  • Ensure that the Youth and Government Program and local YMCA policies are always adhered to.
  • Assist and prepare delegates to run for leadership positions.
  • Host at least one Training Session for their delegation online.
  • Assist participants in drafting bills, and endorsing all bills, that they pass the straight face test submitted from your delegation
  • Communicate regularly with club members and parents.
  • Submit your Hotel Room list by the deadline.
  • Assure that each delegate attends scheduled sessions.
  • Attend all advisor meetings and assist with general conference duties
  • Actively support the Youth and Government Program goals and objectives.
  • At Augusta Session help in the program by acting as (at least one of the following)
    • Media Advisor
    • Advisor to Youth Governor and Cabinet
    • Advise presiding officers in House or Senate
    • Committee Session Advisor
  • Stay in Hotel with the delegation and do a knock on door bed check in each room where your participants are staying.


Program Timetable


Tuesday August 15th

Online Registration Opens

Online Bill Submission Opens

Tuesday October 3rd

 Welcome ZOOM

Wednesday Oct 18th 

Caucus Session A

Monday Oct 23rd

Caucus Session B

Friday October 27th

Hotel Room Assignment Form Due

Friday October 27th

Bill Submission Deadline

Friday November 3rd

Program Fees Due

Thursday November 9th

Leadership Training Night

Friday Nov 10-Sun Nov 12

Augusta Youth and Government Session