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Maine Youth in Government is a program that allows any High School student in Maine to participate in a program that allows a them hands on experience in how Maine's Legislative process works. There is no other program that gives students this type of opportunity

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NOVEMBER 11-12-13, 2016




October 24th   Caucus Session # 2

October 26th   Caucus Session # 3

October 29th    Bill Submission Deadline

October 31st    Hotel Room Assignment Deadline

November 4th  Forms and Fees Deadline

November 10th Leadership Training Session



Bills Topics Submitted as of 10/23/16


Emelia Nejezchleba Gorham Reform Seatbelt Laws
Rebecca Collins Presque Isle High School To Promote Gender Equality
Ed York Kennebunk High School To change the tax code for previously undeveloped parcels of land and developed land
Ed York Kennebunk High School Of preoviding more state aid to drug detox and rehabilitation centers
Joe Bergeon Kennebunk High School To reform sections of the Maine tax code and restructure the state budget process to allow for the preservation and allocation of current and future surpluses.
Mallory Burchill Kennebunk High School To Provide Incentives to Schools that go Organic
Abigail Raymond The Maine School of Science and Mathematics Adding a unit on mental health and coping mechanisms to the health curriculum for Maine high school students
Phoebe Fleck Erskine Academy The Protection of Maine's Forests
Harrison Mosher Erskine Academy Modifying Class Rank in Maine High Schools to Account more for Athletics, Clubs, and Out of School Activities.
Harrison Mosher Erskine Academy Banning all standardized testing in Maine high schools and replacing them with tests that better suite High school students.
Regan Bragg Machias Memorial High School Promoting School Readiness by means of Donating Additional Lottery Revenue
Wyatt Fowler Bonny Eagle High School The establishment of correctional labor camps to provide inmates valuable labor experience and to give inmates a constructive way to repay society by generating income for Maine.
Wyatt Fowler Bonny Eagle High School Establishing a cap on how much executive staff of businesses can earn per year
Sophie Burchill Kennebunk High School Solar Power in Maine
Jacob Cote Presque isle high school Increased Pay for Policer Officers in the State of Maine
Carol Smith Machias Memorial High School The Right to an Appropriate Education
Destiny Look Machias Memorial High School To have school begin no earlier than 9:00 a.m. And end at 3:30 p.m.









Message from 2016 Youth Governor Sydney McDonald        


Hello, Youth in Government participants!


As many of you are aware, this year’s Maine Youth in Government conference is rapidly approaching! I’m immensely excited to see the ideas and talents that each and every one of you will contribute. Online registration and bill submission are now open, so be sure to get yours in! I believe that this year’s conference can be larger and more successful than ever before, and you are the largest part of making that happen, so be sure to get your friends involved, and get your registration submitted. I strongly encourage you to submit a bill on anything you feel that we can change, or that you are passionate about, as that's what makes this program a success.


In addition, I’m still accepting applications to be a part of the Governors’ cabinet! Final selections will be made by September 15. If you’re at all interested, please see the application form on the Maine Youth in Government website, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


I look forward to seeing everyone as we close in on November!


Best wishes,

Sydney McDonald

Maine Youth Governor 2016                         


Click here for Governor's Cabinet Application









4 Maine Youth Governor's all from Kennebunk, Jay did go to Chevrus HS.

Jay Gobeil, Patrick Grady, Will Caddigan, and Ben Goodman