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Welcome to Maine Youth and Government Program
Welcome to the Maine YAG website,  we hope our website will be a great resource for your decision to participate in the program.
This site will have answers to most of questions, registration information, how to submit a bill for program consideration, and how to get elected to a leadership role in the program.
The tabs above will give detailed information on various parts of the program.
The Quick Links on the left side will give information and links to all nomination forms.
Please feel free to contanct our Program Director Lonney Steeves
2023 Youth Governor
Nate Wayne,
Brunswick HS

My name is Nate Wayne and I'm your 2023 Youth Governor.  I'm incredible grateful for this opportunity to help lead this amazing Youth and Government program, I've already begun working on how improve Youth in Government next year !  Over the next couple of months I'll be working with Lonney, delegation advisors, and other Youth Governor's from around the country on how to best improve the program here in Maine.  Spread the word, build some excitement and can't wait to see you next fall.  The best groups are ones that are diverse and work well together, with people many different viewpoints and experiences that can work creatively with each other (and members of other delegations) to make YAG work. So make sure you're getting out the word about your group in every way you can, from posters to announcements, to emails, to one-on-one conversations. If you reach out directly to people, they'll be much more likely to join! Even reach out to interested friends from other schools and get them to start a new delegation! 
We always want new participants.


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A unique experience in civic engagement, Youth and Government is a three-day conference in which students participate directly in a simulation of the democratic process.  Y&G develops involved citizens by offering students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with those who hold like and opposing views. Participant draft all legislation, serve in all leadership roles, and learn about the process of passing legislation and how it isn’t as simple as it seems. Our participants learn leadership, experience the legislative process, and have a chance to network with other student leaders from around Maine talking about the issues they see facing the State of Maine and its future.


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Time Table for 2023 Youth and Government  Program

  • August 15---Registration/Bill Submission Open
  • October 3---Welcome to YAG 2023 Zoom
  • October 18--Caucus Session A
  • October 23--Caucus Session B
  • October 23--Room Assignments Due
  • October 27--Bill Deadline
  • November 9--Leadership Training Session
  • November 10-11-12 YAG 2023 Weekend




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