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Maine Youth and Government is a program that allows any High School student in Maine to participate in a program that allows a them hands on experience in how Maine's Legislative process works. There is no other program that gives students this type of opportunity

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 This year 28 Bills were signed into law by

Governor Nathan Carlow they were


107 Dorothy Pierce Massabesic High School The Taxation of Marijuana to Benefit Opioid Rehabilitation
109 Grace Soucy Kennebunk High School Repeal of Question 4 increase of minumum wage
112 Edward York Kennebunk High School Balanced budget amendment 
202 Madelyn M. Battcock-Emerson Maine School of Science and Mathematics Pertaining to Gay Panic Defense as a Legal Defense
205 Matti Conlin Machias Memorial High School Punishment of people who bring overdosing peers in for treatment
207 Dominic Miller Houlton High School Increasing the Amount of Drug Recognition Experts in Maine
306 Wyatt Fullen Presque Isle High School Financial Literacy
307 Ellen Hatfield Houlton High School Physical Education in Maine Schools
312 Charlotte McCulloh Maine School of Science and Mathematics Dual-enrollment programs between the U Maine system and Maine High Schools
314 Hayden Zielinski Massabesic High School Grading Systems In Maine
403 Sarah E. Champagne Bonny Eagle High School Incentivizing the Consolidation of Public School Academic Programs
405 Trevor Gava Maine School of Science and Mathematics To Incentivize Building Energy-Efficient Homes
411 Matthew Veilleux Erskine Academy Acknowledgement letter for customers for cable companies rate changes
503 Grace Johnson Houlton High School The banning of female genital mutilation (FGM) in any form in the State of Maine
509 Kylee Roberts Bangor YMCA To Induct Narcan Usage Fees
602 Tim Burgess Kennebunk High School Ending the Trapping of Bears in Maine
603 Brooke Cox Erskine Academy The​ ​Safety​ ​Of​ ​Maines​ ​Ecosystems
605 Emilee Fortier Carrabec High School The Use of Neonicotinoids in Farming and Imported Produce
610 Harrison Mosher Erskine Academy Banning the Practice of Bear Baiting using Theobromine in the State of Maine
613 Samuel Smith Erskine Academy Firearm Sanctions
712 Edward York Kennebunk High School Decrease the Maine corporate Tax Rate and Franchise Tax Rate.
801 Joe Bergeon Kennebunk High School Amendment to change ages of Electors
802 Joe Bergeon Kennebunk High School Reform Election Practice for election of President
804 Tobyn Blatt Maine School of Science and Mathematics Raising the Salary of the Governor of Maine
810 Michael Delorge Maine Schol of Science and Mathematics Showing Appreciation for Maine’s Veterans
901 Dawn Elliott Erskine Academy Concerning the Motor Vehicle Inspection Grace Period
906 Seth Hawksley Central Aroostook High School Creating a Speeding Ticket Lottery
912 Isabelle Wright Central Aroostook High School Requiring helmets while riding a motorcycle

 3 Bills were passed by over riding the Governor's Veto

508 Jay Philbrick Maine School of Science and Mathematics Relating to Contraception in Public High Schools
612 Cavan Shepard Bonny Eagle High School Litter in State Parks
705 Benjamin D. Levesque Massabesic High School Declaring forced arbitration illegal within Maine entities.

Bill # 705 was awarded the Best Bill Award 








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