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Code of Conduct


The YMCA is for Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.  Keeping those basic thoughts this is the Code of Conduct that all participants and parents must agree to and sign in order to participate.  All participants will be required to have a Code of Conduct signed by the participant and parents in order to be able to attend the Augusta Weekend Session


For Healthy Living:

a) Smoking of any kind, this includes e-cigarettes

b) Use of illegal substances or alcohol

c) Sharing or abusing prescription medications

c) Weapons of any type including knives, or firearms.


For Social Responsibility

a) Abide by all laws of the State of Maine, county and cities of Augusta, and Winthrop.

b) Participants driving personal vehicles to the weekend will not use them except in coming to and going home.

c) Participants will only be in those areas and rooms that are assigned to the Youth in Government programs.

d) Participants will represent themselves, and their schools and communities in a positive way.

e) The State House is a great facility and besides being the heart of Maine State Government it is a Museum of Maine’s legislative history and must be treated as such. House is vital to our program, without it our program could not exist; delegates must understand they must show proper respect to the facilities of the Maine State House

f) Delegates must not remove items from any desk or office at the State House.

g) Food and drink are not permitted in the anywhere in the State House other than the first floor.

h) Those working at the State House are a great resource and are an important part in or use of the facilities, and must be shown the proper respect.

i) I am responsible for any damage that I do during the weekend:

If I have done damage, I will pay for the repair or replacement

I will write a letter of apology to the YMCA and the State House

If the damage was intentional, I will not be allowed to participate in the program in the future and my School or YMCA will be informed about any incidence.


For Youth Development

a) The right of others to voice their thoughts and opinions.as well as to have them be heard by others.

b) Those working with the program as volunteers and are critical to our success we ask that you show them the common courtesy and respect.

c) Being on time and at all scheduled activities and meeting

d) Following the rules of committees, House, and Senate chambers during debate and discussions

e) If you must arrive late or leave early that YMCA staff are aware of this, and that you are not in a  leadership position that will be left void during your absence.

f) Participants will participate only in the role they were selected for



I understand that to participate in the program I must adhere to the DRESS CODE, standards established by the State YMCA Youth in Government Program.

(Dress code details are listed on website www.yiginme.org)



Due to liability and safety considerations, the use of personal cars by delegates during the weekend is prohibited. "During the weekend" shall mean: Friday registration until Sunday's adjournment at 12:30pm. Anyone using a personal car without permission of the Program Director shall be subject to disciplinary actions (Section VI).



Participants requiring housing will stay at the Hotel arranged by the YMCA Youth in Government program.  Delegations needing housing will stay at the Conference Hotel.

  • Participants are not allowed to switch room assignments.  Room changes are only done with permission of both Delegation Advisor and Program Director.
  • Participants will be housed in groups of 4 per room, advisors will give list to Program Director,working together to create the best housing arrangements.  Requesting less than 4 per room will incur a high cost for rooms that will be assessed to the students and school
  • We reserve the right to make special arrangements for students with special circumstances and needs.
  • Participants will have access to the Hotel pool is only during times announced and only when an adult chaperon is in the pool area.
  • Participants will not be allowed to make outgoing phone calls from Hotel phones, use room service, rent movies, or games.
  • Participants will observe quiet time in the hotel shall be from 10:00pm to 6:00am no participants should be outside of their room during this time. We must not disturb other guests of the hotel
  • Participants must be in their assigned rooms by curfew and stay there for the night, unless given specific permission by Delegation Advisor, or Program Director. A room check will happen each night at 11:00pm. 
  • Participants will only be allowed in the rooms of participants of the opposite sex, with permission from advisor or program director, and must leave doors open.Participants will not be in the hotel except at times that the program is scheduled to be at the property. Unless accompanied by an Advisor or Youth in Government StaffParticipants at no time shall have someone in their room that is not a part of the Youth in Government program.
  • Participants may only leave the Hotel Property with their adult chaperon
  • Participants understand that the Youth in Government Program Staff, Delegation advisors, and Hotel Personnel shall have the right to search participant’s rooms, luggage, and personal items.
  • Participants will not have any illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products in rooms. Violation of this rule will result in immediate removal from program of all students in that room, and others that were partaking. Parents will be expected to come and pick students up at the hotel as soon as possible.
  • Participants understand that advisors will check rooms on Sunday prior to check out for any room damage.Participants not staying at Hotel must have housing arrangement approved by the Youth in Government Program Director and Delegation Advisor.



The agreements is binding and by registering and attending the conference participants and advisors are agreeing to follow the policies and procedures spelled out. It is not the intent of this agreement to punish an entire delegation for the actions of a few. Delegations must be aware that serious violations may lead to groups not being able to participate. All participants must be aware, that serious violations of this agreement could lead the program to lose of the use of the State House facilities.



  1. Call to parents to come and pick delegate up, no matter what time of day or night.
  2. All violations will be reported to parents and YMCA or school officials
  3. Being removed from the program until ride home is available.
  4. Make payment for any damage that I do to the State House, Hotel, any other buildings or Buses
  5. Return to hotel to be dressed properly or pick up luggage.



Click here to view the STATE YMCA EXPERIENCE STATEMENT this is a part of our Code of Conduct and Parental Agreement