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Augusta Weekend

November 11-12-13

Program Fees

New fees beginning this fall

  • $ 185.00 per participant who will stay at the hotel
  • $ 140.00 per participant staying at home or with relative
  • $ 150.00 for advisors and bus drivers hotel rooms. (For 2 Nights)

The Augusta Session is the culmination of the Youth in Government program.

  • All those who attended at least one online caucus.
  • Elected officers serve in their positions.
  • Held at the State House in Augusta, and staying at a hotel in the Augusta area.
  • Friday-with an opening session, public hearings and work sessions for all bills.
  • Saturday--Learn parliamentary procedure and debate in House and Senate on Bills, Governor's Candidates campaign
  • Sunday--Election of new Governor, the conclusion of debate, the closing session