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The main portion of the caucus session will be to elect ½ of our leadership positions, so it is important that everyone is prepared.

  1. Anyone interested in running for an office they must be nominated by completing the Google Form,
  2. We will always take nominations from the floor.
  3. After nominations close, candidates will be given a chance to speak. Please have them prepared to speak with why they are qualified for the office, and they want the office.  Please don’t allow them to make a joke of this.  If they choose not to speak that is fine.
  4. After all candidates speak, you can hold and election at your site, and when you have results you will text them to the recorder (You will be given the phone #).
  5. Once we get all votes in we will announce a winner.



We will allow time for participants to ask questions about the office or role.



 Positions Selections


Caucus A

Caucus B

2 Candidates for Youth Governor

2 Candidates for Youth Governor

Speaker of the House

President of the Senate

Clerk of the House

Secretary of the Senate

Journal Clerk of the House

Ass’t Secretary of the Senate

House and Senate Chair Education

House and Senate Chair Justice

House and Senate Chair Transportation

House and Senate Chair

Health and Human Services

House and Senate Chair Agriculture

House and Senate Chair Taxation

House and Senate Chair State and Local Government

House and Senate Chair

Natural Resources

2 Media Members

2 Media Members


To be selected as a Lobbyist (must be a pair)

Lobbyist Nomination Form



To be a part of Governor Butera’s Cabinet

Cabinet Nomination Form



To be a Supreme Court Justice

Supreme Court Justices Nomination Form