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Where do the Participants Stay in Augusta?

Option 1: Hotel Stay

  • Delegations will stay at the Conference Hotel Hampton Inn-Augusta.  This is included in the program fee.
  • Advisors will be complete "Delegation Room Assignments" form and return to Youth in Government Director by October 22nd
  • Participants will stay 3 or 4 to a room, we will only place participants from same delegation together, unless requested, or 2 participants from 2 delegations can be placed together.
  • Participants may request to stay 2 to a room, but there will be an additional cost. Add $50.00 per person for a special request of 2 to a room.
  • Participants are expected to follow HOTEL POLICIES in the Youth in Government Code of Conduct.  Any violations of this may result in being sent home and removal from the program.


Participants requiring housing will stay at the Hotel arranged by the YMCA Youth in Government program.  We encourage groups to stay at that hotel. 

Delegation MUST have an adult as their chaperone for the Hotel.  Any delegation of more than 2, must have a Chaperone.


a) Participants are not allowed to switch room assignments.  Room changes are only done with the permission of both the Delegation Advisor and Program Director.


b) Participants will have access to the Hotel pool is only during times announced and only when an adult chaperon is in the pool area.


c) Participants will not be allowed to make outgoing phone calls from Hotel phones, use room service, rent movies, or games


d) Participants will observe quiet time in the hotel shall be from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am no participants should be outside of their room during this time. We must not disturb other guests at the hotel.


e) Participants must be in their assigned rooms by curfew and stay there for the night unless given specific permission by Delegation Advisor, or Program Director. A room check will happen each night at 11:00 pm


f) YMCA will have staff in the halls of the hotel to enforce quiet time and hotel rules.


g) Participants will only be allowed in the rooms of participants of the opposite sex, with permission from the advisor or program director, and must leave doors open.


h) Participants will not be in the hotel except at times that the program is scheduled to be at the property.   Unless accompanied by an Advisor or Youth in Government Staff.


i) Participants at no time shall have someone in their room that is not a part of the Youth and Government program.


j) Participants may only leave the Hotel Property with their adult chaperon


k) Participants understand that the Youth in Government Program Staff, Delegation advisors, and Hotel Personnel shall have the right to search participant’s rooms, luggage, and personal items.


l) Participants will not have tobacco products or alcohol in rooms, violation of this rule will result in immediate removal from the program of everyone in that room, and parents will be expected to come and pick students up at the hotel.


m) Participants understand that advisors will check rooms on Sunday prior to check out for any room damage.


Option 2: Arrange own Housing

  • Very often delegations will contact past host families, or family friends or relatives in the area to stay with. 
  • The delegate will be responsible for transportation to and from the program to host.


Option 3: Stay at Home

  • Delegations from the Capital area often stay at home; they work on their own transportation to and from the State House.