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Description of Role

  • The President of the Senate is the presiding officer in the Senate.
  • This person will control and preside over all debate in the Senate Chamber.
  • The President will receive training into the mechanics of running debate, but must have a clear understanding of parliamentary procedure, and be able to speak comfortably in front of a group.




  • Contact the real President of the Senate about use of his/her office, and to see if they would be interested in speaking at our opening session.
  • Preside over all debate in the Senate.
  • Recognize who will speak during debate.
  • Preside and rule on all motions and votes on the floor of the Senate.
  • Be neutral and fair in allowing all sides of an issue a chance to speak on an issue.
  • Attend the Leadership Training on Thursday afternoon



Attend the Leadership Session:

MUST ATTEND LEADERSHIP SESSION, information about the session will be mailed to you prior to the event.


Scripts or additional Information:

Become familiar with the President of the Senate Scripts.

Click here for President of the Senate Scripts

Please rehearse and become familiar with those parts for the President of the Senate.

We will do training on Thursday and Friday, but it is very important that you know your parts.