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Description of Role

  • The Photographer is a member of the Newspaper Staff, who will take photos of the events of the Youth in Government weekend so we can use them in slideshows, posters, website, and other materials.  The photographer will have access to all areas of the program.
  • The Photographer must have their own Digital Camera and feel comfortable taking pictures in many locations.




  • Be assigned to cover specific stories by the editors
  • Share responsibilities of being on production staff in typing, copying and putting paper together.
  • Develop your own ideas for stories and articles.
  • Be prepared for Friday evening Press Conference with Governor at 7:00pm in Governor's Office
  • Be prepared for Saturday afternoon Press Conference with the candidates for Governor at 3:30pm
  • Use individual talents to make the paper a success and a vehicle for all participants to hear about other aspects of the program.
  • Take the photographs listed as required for the program.
  • Transfer all photographs onto zip drive to give to Director on Sunday Morning.


Attend the Leadership Session: