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Description of Role

  • The Model Legislature Newspaper is designed to provide the participants with a laboratory experience in journalism skills; reporting, editing, distribution.
  • The paper is based upon the news surrounding the weekend.
  • The paper gives the participants a chance to voice opinions on bills and concerns about the actions of the Model Legislature.
  • All content for the newspaper must be approved by the Editor and the Adult Advisor to the paper.
  • The Newspaper is a great opportunity for those who enjoy writing and have some experience with school and local papers to make this weekend paper as professional as possible.


  • Be assigned to cover specific stories by the editors
  • Share responsibilities of being on production staff in typing, copying and putting paper together.
  • Develop your own ideas for stories and articles.
  • Be prepared for Friday evening Press Conference with Governor at 7:00pm in Governor's Office
  • Be prepared for Saturday meetings ith the candidates for Governor
  • Use individual talents to make the paper a success and a vehicle for all participants to hear about other aspects of the program.
  • Coping and assembling each edition of the Newspaper
  • Publish at least two editions (Saturday PM), (Sunday AM)
  • Manage Twitter and Facebook information for the weekend
  • Develop a video for the program to be shown on Saturday night.

Attend the Leadership Session:


Scripts or additional Information:

Check other sections for newspaper about ideas for correspondents