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  • Sponsor 8-10 bills that will be his/her bill package
  • MUST ATTEND THE NATIONAL YOUTH GOVERNOR'S CONFERENCE IN WASHINGTON DC, IN JUNE OF YEAR THEY ARE ELECTED.                                                  (Special circumstance of family emergencies will be understood) 
  • If they can't attend, the next person in line for Youth Governor will attend and serve as Youth Governor

Description of Role

  • The Youth Governor is the Chief Executive of the Program.
  • He/She is the only officer elected 1 full year in advance, and serves as the student spokesperson for the program for their year as Governor.
  • The will have attended the National Youth Governor’s Conference.
  • They will develop a package of bills that they want to see pass, as well as ideas they would like to see defeated.
  • They must develop this package working within the confines of the budget developed by the cabinet and YMCA Staff.



  • Sponsor 8-10 bills that will be his/her bill package
  • Speak to organizations about the Youth in Government program
  • Attend all Caucus Sessions, with their delegation record all votes for Elections.
  • Attend Training on Thursday afternoon and evening
  • Contact the Governor of the State of Maine and ask if he/she can address our opening session.
  • Host the Governor of the State of Maine, or other dignitaries whenever we are honored with their presence.
  • Hold Friday evening press conference with newspaper staff
  • Interview the candidates to be able to give a bit of back ground as you introduce them on Saturday.
  • Deliver a closing address on Sunday’s Joint Session




Attend the Leadership Session:

MUST ATTEND LEADERSHIP SESSION, information about the session will be mailed to you prior to the event.



Scripts or additional Information: