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Criteria For Selection of the Best Bill

The following are the areas that go into consideration for the Best Bill Award. They are considered in the order listed, all bills to be considered must meet each one of them. A committee of Advisors will make the selection at Augusta Sessions.


Process For Selection of the Best Bill

a) Each Committee will nominate a bill to be considered for Best Bill

b) Saturday Morning a listing of bills being considered for Best Bill will be posted and distributed to participants and advisors

c) Sunday morning participants will vote on bill they feel should be the year's Best Bill Award Winner

d) Advisor's Meeting will make the final selection using the student vote as a major portion of the decision making the process.

e) Best Bill Award will be announced by the Secretary of State at the Closing Ceremony.



All bills must be submitted online before Deadline 



Fiscal Consideration...The author(s) idea’s for how much will this bill cost, or how much income will be generated for the State? Does not have to be a dollar figure but an explanation

Statement of Fact….This must be Statistical Information supporting the Bill.

JustificationThis is the opportunity for the sponsor(s) to give their opinions as to why the bill is a good idea

Bill Summary....This section will be a brief 2 or 3 line section that will be a summary of the purpose of the bill.

References or Sources…. Where did you get the information used in your bill?



Bills must follow a couple of general principals to be considered for submission to the Augusta Session.

a) Is this bill an original idea? (Bills having been submitted in previous Youth in Government programs will not be accepted unless there have been additions or deletions from the original bill)

b) Would you submit this bill to the actual legislature? (Would you be willing to stand before the actual legislature and defend this bill, and take the time of the actual legislature to hear this bill?)

c) Is the bill’s intent easy to understand?

d) Could the bill be enforced with little other interpretation?



Is it an innovative solution or concept to a problem?

Did the sponsor come up with new ideas as a solution?

Bills will not be considered for Best Bill if the same bill has been submitted in the previous year's program

unless there are significant changes in the bill.