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YMCA Youth In Government Overview

Delegates participate in a hands-on experience in how Maine's Legislative process works.


Delegates draft all the bills to be debated and discussed


Delegates elect their peers to serve in leadership positions to lead at the State House weekend.


Delegates are trained in how to complete all leadership roles for the weekend.


Delegates serve as Youth Governor, Cabinet, Representatives, Senators, Lobbyists, and Media Staff.


Delegates have a unique opportunity to have access to the State House during our program.


Delegates get a unique experience using the chambers & committee rooms at the State House.


Delegates learn how to make a positive change they can take home to the school and communities.





Who may participate?


Any High School age student in grades 9 to 12 may participate.


Our program is also open to those students who are homeschooled.


We have delegations of 1 and groups of 30 +.


Delegations may represent Hi-Y clubs, Leaders Clubs, Key Clubs, Student Councils, or any group from your school.



What makes the

program special?


Like the real legislature participants come from all over Maine, giving a variety of views on those issues they see facing their area.


Participant’s draft all of the bills that are discussed during the program.

The bills have sponsors who work to guide their bill through the process.

Bills can be written by individuals or groups and must focus on issues facing relating to local or state issues.


Program leadership is elected by peers, and then they are trained into how to perform their role.

During the Augusta weekend session, they run all aspects of the program


The program is held in the State House, using the actual chambers, and committee rooms that the real legislature use each day.


The people, State House staff, volunteer delegation advisors, the participants, and YMCA Staff.





Participants must attend one caucus sessions to be eligible for the Augusta session


All leadership positions are students that are elected at the Caucus Sessions.


Each of the committees has a House Chairperson and a Senate Chairperson


  • 154


    (includes committee co-chairpersons)



    (includes committee chairs)



    (Editor of the Newspaper, Staff, Social Media Coordinator, and Photographer)


    Members of Executive Branch,

    (Youth Governor, Chief of Staff, and Cabinet Members)


    Maine Youth Supreme Court

    (Justices, Clerk, Advocate, and State Attorney)


    Legislative Officers 

    (Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, Clerks, and Secretaries)