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  1. You must complete the OFFICER NOMINATION FORM
  2. Deadline to be nominated is 5:00pm October 18th or October 23rd
  3. You may only be nominated for up to 3 positions at each Caucus
  4. You must be prepared to speak about your qualifications and reason you want this position
  5. You must submit at least 1 bill to be elected to an office
  6. You must be a 2nd year participant or a Junior or Senior to run for any office with **

Officer Distribution by Caucus

Caucus A October 17th

Caucus B October 21st

2 Candidates for Youth Governor

2 Candidates for Youth Governor

President of the Senate **

House Chair Agriculture and Natural Resources
Speaker of the House** House Chair Appropriations and Financial Affairs
Secretary of the Senate ** House Chair Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Clerk of the House ** House Chair Edcuation and Cultural Services

 Ass’t Secretary of the Senate

House Chair Health and Human Servcices

 Journal Clerk of the House 

 House Chair Innovation, Development, and Economic Advancement

  Sgts at Arms of the Senate

 House Chair State and Local Government

 Sgt at Arms of the House

 House Chair Transportation and Technology

 Clerk of the Supreme Court

Social Media Director

 Supreme Court Advocates

 Media Staff


Photographer / Videographer