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Advisors Frequently Asked Questions

When should we get started?
Advisors should begin recruitment as soon as possible and plan to meet early in the school year. Up through the Model Legislature in Augusta Session in November.  A wrap-up meeting after the conference is also suggested. This helps delegates keep in touch with the program and provides advisors with the opportunity for important feedback and closure. Advisors should read and understand all the suggested material prior to each meeting.


How much time will I be expected to spend each month supervising my delegation’s activities?

The time spend depends upon you and your schedule.  We suggest meeting 2 or 3 times prior to Caucus sessions.

  • Organize and discuss program plans, fundraising
  • Drafting and discussing bills for submission (Everyone should write a bill—suggested)
  • Who is going to run for offices.


Should delegation activities take place during school or at other times?
Most activities will take place outside of the school day. Meetings, fundraisers, and conferences are scheduled in the afternoon, evening, or on weekends so not to conflict with a student’s studies. The Augusta Conference begins on a Friday, so delegates will miss one day of school.


Am I doing this all by myself?
No, you have a wide array of resources at your disposal. The State YMCA Youth and Government office is always available to you to help you organize your group and help you get your group involved.


Do I attend the conference with my delegation?
Yes, you are needed at the conference with your delegation. Yes, you need to be at the State House and at the Hotel each night with your group.


How does the delegation pay for its projects and activities?
Each delegation funds their participation in unique ways.  Ideas for funding your delegation:

  • Fund Raising events (Car Wash, Bottle Drive etc.)
  • Getting funds from service clubs in your community (Lions, Rotary, American Legion etc.)
  • School 
  • Participants pay fee


At the Augusta Weekend, where do Advisor's Stay?

Advisors will stay in the conference hotel, with their delegation.  Advisors will assign the rooms for their delegation and will be in the area where all their delegates are in the hotel.  Cost for rooms will be $95.00 per night.  We can pair up advisors or have advisors and bus drivers in the same rooms.


What about my expenses?
Any extra expenses should be figured into the delegation’s budget. Advisors are not charged a fee to participate in Youth and Government.


How will the members, the school, the community, and the advisor benefit from YMCA Youth in Government?
Membership in Youth in Government is a great way for students to become civically engaged.  They will learn about using their voice to help in making positive change.  Our participants get great leadership training and hands on experience.  They will meet and interact with leaders from schools from all over Maine.