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  • Have 1 year experience having attended the Youth in Government Augusta session,                       or be Junior or Senior
  • Have some experience in writing.
  • Be comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, other social media .


Description of Role

  • Provide leadership to the media staff.
  • Making assignments and being sure deadlines are met.
  • Responsible for one area of the program, and will work as a part of the Media Staffwith all the duties listed for members of the staff.
  • There will be 1 Editor for the Media



Contact members of the actual press in their local area. Asking them to cover the weekend program, give advice on organizing the newspaper, or providing additional leadership for newspaper.

Be able to assign correspondents and photographers to gather information

Make sure that the following Newspaper are published:

               Friday Lunch:  Welcome to Augusta, Bills and Topics to watch for weekend

                Friday Night:  Committees, Youth Governor, Opening Sessions

                Saturday Night: Candidates, Floor debate, weekend events

                Sunday Luch:  New Governor, weekend wrap up

Attend the Leadership Training Session on Thursday

Work  to develop the layout, and look of this years newspaper.

               Assigning correspondents stories

               Telling the photographer what pictures to get

                Dividing up the tasks to get the newspaper done (writing, editing, typing, coping etc.)

                Edit stories to make sure they are appropriate and get the message you want across.

Manage Twitter and Facebook information for the weekend



  • Come up with list of story ideas
  • Special things you would like to have in the newspaper, personals, cartoons, horoscopes etc.
  • Name for the newspaper
  • Develop a press release about the Training Session they attended and send it on to newspapers in that region


Attend the Leadership Session:

MUST ATTEND LEADERSHIP SESSION, information about the session will be mailed to you prior to the event.


Scripts or additional Information:

Review sections about Editor’s Responsibilities

Review sections about Writing Articles, and learning how to

Write articles for Paper.


Newspaper Resources: