Running for Office
Job Descriptions




To run to be a Candidate for Youth Governor:

  • Candidates must submit to the YMCA Youth in Government a video 2-5 minutes in length
  • This video should include the candidates qualification and why they should be a candidate
  • The videos will be distributed to each school that is participatingPrior to Caucus Session A each delegation will hold a vote on the candidates. 
  • At Caucus A the Director will announce the 3 candidates that will be running for Youth Governor


  • Have 1 year experience having attended the Youth in Government Augusta session,  or be Junior or Senior


Description of Role

  • The Youth Governor is the Chief Executive of the Program.
  • He/She is the only officer elected 1 full year in advance, and serves as the student spokesperson for the program for their year as Governor.
  • There will be 3 candidates selected to be the Youth Governor.
  • These 3 will run to be elected the following years Youth Governor during the weekend conference in Augusta.
  • The Youth Governor is occasionally asked to speak as a representative of the YMCA Youth in Government Program in Maine.


  • Develop a strategy for the campaign at the State House session
  • Follow the policies developed for running to become the Youth Governor
  • Meet with the Program Director on Friday night at 7:00pm
  • No campaigning until Saturday Morning 8:00am
  • Be a part of the Candidates Town Hall Debate on Saturday afternoon
  • No campaign materials are allowed to be distributed on the floor of the House or Senate
  • Campaign materials that are to be put up in the State House may only be taped to glass surfaces, and no tacks are to be used anywhere
  • Campaign materials are to be put up only in the on the 1st and 3rd floors of the State House
  • Candidates are responsible for taking down and cleaning up all posters, and other materials on Sunday before they leave the State House
  • Meet with Newspaper on Saturday
  • Meet with current Youth Governor
  • YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE NATIONAL YOUTH GOVERNOR'S CONFERENCE IN  WASHINGTON D.C. Conference is held in Washington DC in June. The YMCA will pay for your conference fee and transportation to and from Washington DC. It is a requirement to run for Youth Governor that you make sure you can attend.


Responsibilities of Candidates:

Those candidates selected must then complete and e-mail to the Program Director




Current Photo

(in jpeg format)

Email to

Conference in Washington D.C.

  • State YMCA of Maine will pay registration fee and travel to and from Washington DC
  • Youth Governor must complete registration information and return to Conference Staff.
  • Youth Governor is responsible for some expenses while at Conference
  • Youth Governor must contact Senators and Representatives to meet with them while at Conference.
  • Program Director will have forms for Youth Governor to complete.